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The swift and aggressive spread of the neo-coronavirus (Covid-19) made it imperative for people around the world to take immediate and bold actions to handle the health emergency: be it the lockdowns or to adapt businesses to the new normal. Even as the world has slowed down considerably, the focus is now on long-term sustainability and resource optimisation along with empathy, compassion and a greater thrust on effective communication. Team-building and collective motivation have emerged stronger than ever before and the learning in these tough times will be seen as a blessing in disguise. 


On the bright side, the air is now cleaner, with the lockdown ripening the fields for discovery of new skills as resilience and solicitude have come to the foreground. 


We thank our valued patrons for the loving support you have showered us with over our nearly two decades’ journey, making us the largest wedding exhibitors in the country. We have tried to show our gratitude with curating better shows each time, incorporating all facets that go into a wedding, from trousseau and jewellery shopping to honeymoon packages, and fashionable venues - everything under the wedding shamiana!


Based on expert opinions and a few takeaways that impel us to keep the connect alive with our patrons and our artisans, we are now curating Covid-safe Weddings, at well-researched luxury venues that will ensure 100 percent hygiene and sanitised surroundings, along with contactless dining, and all specialised services that make for memorable wedding celebrations.

Weddings by Weddings Asia is our attempt to reach out to you, to hold your hand as you plan weddings in your family, to ease all your planning woes, and be the go-to guide for brides and grooms, and their families. As a trustworthy and reliable partner, we shall help you curate your special events with utmost care, transparency and candour, and with all the glamour and the special flourishes that you have always wanted. It is also our attempt to be Vocal for Local and promote our homegrown brands and artisans—so badly needed in these testing times

Wedding venues, staycations, safe honeymoon locales, close-by weekend retreats, artisanal shopping, jewellery by master craftsmen (a safer investment compared to the volatile share market!), personalised invitation cards, culinary wizards—we bring you all of these under one roof. All you need to do is to trust us to bring you the very best in the new world order, as always. We have curated a reliable list of venues and vendors who have been reviewed by us on all parameters that shall make you stay safe and healthy.


Let’s make this shift towards trust, compassion and a new outlook of life that’s guiding us towards ethical and healthy choices, without compromising our dreams in any way. 

Team Wedding Asia

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