Unconventional Hues For Your Big-Day

There’s no harm in ditching the typical reds or pinks for your wedding day. It’s important to express your individuality. In case you wish to stand out from the crowd by not following existing choices that everyone else is dying for, good for you. The convention-challenging styles, and unexpected details, could make you the new trendsetter.

                                                BRUNT ORANGE

The colour brings to mind feelings of excitement, enthusiasm and warmth. Your lehenga in this vibrant hue can look both traditional and fresh. Orange is the new red for brides who want to make a new statement.


                                        Source - Abhinav Mishra


The elegant colour is associated with grace, elegance and femininity. Lavender is perfect if you want a dreamy, magical look. It is also considered to be the “grown-up” pink. Smash the look with a bridal blush in a lavender ensemble.


                             Source - Papa don’t preach by Shubika


                                                  Safe Yellow

The sunshine colour is pure joy and goes well with traditional Indian festivities. It represents vibes of happiness and radiance and highlights the inherent glow of the bride, making it a perfect choice for any bride.


                                          Source - Sabyasachi


                                              SAGE GREEN

This unanticipated hue has now found love in the Indian bridal lehenga space. The colour is like a breath of fresh air and will instantly help you stand out. Brides with cool pale skin should go for pastel shades like sage green. It’s perfect for an outdoor or daytime ceremony.


                                          Source - Sabyasachi

                                               ROYAL BLUE

This colour exudes sophistication. Channel your inner queen with this royal hue and make a bold statement on your big day.


                                             Source - Anita Dongre


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