The concept of matchmaking in itself has evolved

      Sima Taparia of Netflix hit Indian Matchmaking talks to Wedding Asia

How does the idea of arranged match making gel with the younger couples?

There are a lot of younger couples who do like more traditional methods like matchmaking. The concept of matchmaking in itself has evolved. A lot of the younger generation have now started becoming a part of the whole process which initially it was something that only parents took part in. Now, you see even younger couples being involved in the process, from start to finish.


Have you had more success with younger couples or with older?

I’m humbled to say that I have had successes with both younger and older couples.


What are couples mainly looking for these days?

Couples today are looking for partners who would have similar interests and values. The younger generation have a definitive idea of what they want, but particularly what they don’t want, which makes it easier for me to give them matches that suit their life.


What’s the mantra to make marriage a success?

For any marriage, or relationship in general to work, there needs to be love and understanding. There is a level of adjustment and compromises that all parties have to make to ensure that a marriage is happy and long-lasting.


Tell us about the impact the show Indian Matchmaking has had on your business?

Hahah! I still think it’s too soon to say. I have my regular set of over 500 loyal clients who I am still looking out matches for!

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