With talent and creativity as his forte, Shaan Groverr, actor, model and now a producer, has gained his ground in B-town across multiple platforms. The perfection of his art in Noblemen, PM Selfiewallie, Class of 2020 and Rejctx Season 2 has been phenomenally evident.


  1. What do you like in the entertainment industry?

    I love entertaining people - spreading joys, smiles, laughter, the feeling of content along with cries and a bundle of emotions, creating it all, and that’s what I am all about.

  2. Your favourite sing-out-loud song?

    Chaiyya Chaiyyahas to be my all-time favourite (sings out loud) “Yaar misaale ous dhale, paaon ke tale firdous chale…”

  3. What’s your idea of competitive?

    I somehow have to be the best dancer at every wedding or every party. It just has to be me as the best moves should come from me, and if another person has better moves, then it’s competition.

  4. Reason for your million-dollar-smile.

    This list can be endless, but recently under lockdown, I’ve realised that somehow it will always be my mom and dad with their cute conversations. They can go on and on with their cute fights and their nok-jhoks that bring the biggest smile to my face.

  5. Your fanboy moment?

    It’s yet to happen as when I meet Shah Rukh Khan.

  6. What are you looking-forward to in the coming year?

    Looking forward to leading a normal life just like everyone else, nothing really special, except I’m hoping to bag a big project, like a good web-series or a movie (fingers crossed).

  7. Your comfort-zone attire?

    I believe any gunji with shorts or tracks will do. Utter comfort!

  8. Occasion-wear?

    Let’s say a fitting shirt.

  9. Your drinking-pleasure?

    I’m a coffeeholic, therefore, a coffee at any point of the day will do but on a different note, let’s go with gin and tonic.

  10. Your relationship advice?

    It’s very simple, “just don’t go looking for it”.

  11. My bride should be…

    My bride (laughs)! No one else’s bride, okay? (Ha ha) Just kidding. She should be loyal.

  12. Groom essentials should be?

    Whatever brands float your boat!

  13. Your dream destination for a wedding?

    Udaivilas in Udaipur. It’s beautiful, simply outstanding.

  14. A big-no in a relationship.

    For me, a big no in a relationship is lies. I just cannot tolerate lies. My partner has to be loyal and trustworthy, I just seek honesty.

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