It’s got to do with the Stars

Impulse shopper or trendsetter? Your zodiac signs may determine your preference.

For many of us binge shoppers, there’s never a greater adrenaline rush than when we are browsing through one store window to another, then choose a favoured brand to look deeper, and end up with something not really needed, but saved for a good occasion. Never mind, many of us are guilty of hoarding our cupboards with more stuff than we need. But, is this inclination dependent upon our stars? Well, zodiac signs often tend to tell a lot about how we are likely to behave in certain situations and with certain temptations.

 Let’s take a look at the relationship between our shopping and our star signs. 

 ARIES: Impulses being their best friend, Aries shoppers never like to be guided. They only want to be taken seriously when they look up to you for an opinion, because that’s when you need to put your fashion blogging script. Blending creative with cool, pull out your mix-and-match choices to pair up with classic silhouettes; if you’re in the mood for red, the ruby might be your best friend. 

Taurus: Retail therapy was invented with their name written in bold letters. They’ll walk into that store, then the other, and the other only to touch and feel the surfaces and the fabrics. Comfort is of utmost priority. Hence, they never give up on their favourite pair of jeans.

Gemini: A Gemini will go out with you shopping for a pair of jeans, but will come back home with at least ten bags for you. They’ll be the perfect friend for you outside the trial rooms. Hence, find a Gemini to go shopping. Their toned-down love for classic clothing is perfect to the T, and fluster with the blitz of amethyst.

Cancer: Reluctant to put together their cupboard on every holiday, their shopping stays locked right inside, as they have a wardrobe full of things to discover, or rediscover. Hence, it’s never a shopping spree, but rather a trip down memory lane, but if it’s really worth going for: emeralds and moonstones might guide you home.

Leo: If you believe retail therapy was all about Taurus, let’s hop Leo on the same boat. They do not prefer buying what suits them, but rather buy what's the most happening mannequin outfit they can rob. In other words, it’s all about dib-dab-dazzle. Bold, bright and fearless maybe the shades of their clothing and life; club these with the perfect set of amber or gold.

Virgo: You can spot a Virgo with the brands they endorse as if they happen to be on Page 3 always. Even if they enter the world of perfect clothing, they’ll be looking out for sloppy stitching and dangling stray threads. Their critical eye help them in their quest for perfection, and so white intricate pearls or the darkest blends of oxidised jewellery suit them best.

Libra: There’s another zodiac on the voyage with Leo and Taurus. They’ll make a thousand excuses to not buy something, only to end up buying in the most diplomatic way and definitely requesting a return because what if they end up not liking it? Something, which you’ll always love are hues of topaz or aquamarine.

Scorpio: Joining hands with Libra, Scorpio takes retail therapy so seriously that they never really stop shopping. Who said it’s all about the store? The world has zoomed online and Scorpio is on the hot seat, browsing away. Though to step out, you might wanna flaunt that topaz ring you just bought or was it opal, or tourmaline? Because all of those work perfectly for you.

Sagittarius: They are always shopping amidst doing a million other things because for them, shopping is the least important thing to put effort into, but if someone else does it for them, that’s a different story. The prints give you the finest high, along with sapphire stone.

 Capricorn: They always look at shopping as a way to lose their hard-earned money. Hence, they might shop wisely unless the money is not from their pockets because then it’s a night for shop-till-you-drop, that too with the most exclusive taste. Since exclusivity is the game, garnet, blue topaz, onyx or lapiz lazuli are your best friends.

Aquarius: You’ll never find them shopping because they are usually the trendsetters. Hence, a zany jewelery piece is your go-to bet at all times.

Pisces: With an artistic inclination, a Piscean will always choose fashion inspired from the past and yet camouflaged with the colours of the trend which makes them stand out. The bohemian is your spirit and so is the jewels that dangle into your life. 

 While making discoveries might have been fun, you might just find your match while on the shopping spree; never stop looking for your shopaholic soulmate.





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