“I would want to get married at a lovely destination”: Sayani Gupta

To binge watchers’ delight, Season Two of Four More Shots Please!, starring Kirti Kulhari, Maanvi Gagroo, Sayani Gupta and Bani J, began streaming on Amazon Prime from April 17. The four unapologetically flawed women, who met at the Truck Bar in millennial Mumbai and bonded over tequila shots, might not have learned much from their mistake, but their bonds are stronger in Season 2, their love escapades sassier. 

The girls have privileged lifestyles, fancy wardrobes, and do not seem real, but their repeated blundering, into relationships and jobs, make them endearing. Not shy of discussing their sexual preferences openly, the tattooed and bountiful women have their meltdowns and deepen their bonds along the way.

Sayani Gupta plays the role of the fearless journalist Damini Rizvi Roy, whose controversial, in-depth stories get her into problems. Basking in the success of the show, Sayani spoke to us. The excerpts:


Your role goes through a roller coaster ride as far as relationships and career are concerned. What was Damini looking for?

I wish I knew what Damini was looking for. She was looking for peace, but she was actually just complicating her life further and moving away from peace and calm. She really needs and want a peaceful existence and a normal life, but she has a complex personality, she thrives in chaos and it gets very difficult to be in any other situation.


What do you seek in your partner?

Sensitivity and companionship. My ideal partner must have the following virtues, must be a good person, a sensitive human being, must be sensitive towards all, humble, well educated, has to have awareness, needs to have a world view, needs to know what is going on with the world, a high IQ, a good GK, must be articulate, well-spoken and needs to have a sense of humour and probably good looking (laughs), and kind. Being sensitive and kind is most important. Somebody who sweeps me off my feet. Also, it’s really important for me, I always would want somebody who can sing really well and has a musicality in him. So, all of this. Sorry, it’s a long list.


Marriages are made in heaven? How do you want your marriage to be like?

I don’t know if marriages are made in heaven, some are made in hell! But I do believe that marriage is something that is of great esteem, and so like birth or death, marriage is like something that will happen if it’s meant to, with the person it’s meant to be with. I would want a destination wedding and a few days off to a beautiful place…it has to be around nature, gorgeous trees, plants, breeze and flowers. I can’t get married in concrete. It has to be in the company of friends and loved ones, some family and lots and lots of live, beautiful music, and happy vibes. It doesn’t have to be formal, just like everyone having a good time, letting their hair down, dancing, and obviously lots of great food and alcohol (laughs).


 How does Damini get her confidence?

It’s very innate. She gets it from her education, upbringing and the life her parents have given her right from her childhood.

How to keep the spark alive in a relationship?

To each her own. I don’t know. Just listening to each other, I guess travelling together, doing fun things together, figuring out what makes both happy and going out and doing things for each other, being kind and eating good food together is the kind of stuff that helps, I think.


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