Five Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

We all want to dazzle our guests at the most important, life-changing event of our lives. However, it’s important not to let the excitement overtake the detailing that will make all the difference to make your event memorable for you and your guests. Here’s a checklist on common mistakes to avid:

1.Not setting out a budget

The wedding day is the D-day that you dreamt of for a long time. You want to look the perfect princess for your knight in shining armour. But before buying your wedding ensemble, think of all the expenses you are likely to make. You do not want to be compromising on your honeymoon vacation just because you bought an expensive dress, right? So, make a list and budget out all your expenses, from the wedding dress to the reception dinner.

2.Not planning for weather emergencies

See, we planned the event outdoors, and sourced the dining décor to the mandap from secret design houses, but what if rain plays the spoilsport? Whenever panning outdoors, make sure you have an alternate venue planned in case weather decides to ruin your fancy event.

3.Planning a longish party

It’s your important day, and you have got everything right, planned out-of-the-world events, and you sure want the night to go on, and on. But think of guests who may want to retire early; so, make sure the dinner is not delayed just because the wedding family is dancing to foot-tapping music.


4.Singing a lack-lustre catering contract

The food, the service and the catering are the highlight for most guests. Make sure you know your chefs’ credentials well and have looked into all details, from bar tenders to alcohol varieties and brands, and food courses.

5.Squeezing in too many in a small place

Remember it’s your wedding, you want your guests to enjoy and not squashed around a small space.

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