Wedding planners now are more mindful of suggesting lean guest lists, safety precautions and sustainability concerns.


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Love has withstood various times, situations, experiences and the hardest of twists and turns in life. Hence, when Covid struck, love witnessed a new version of itself, the one that shouted for intimacy and spoke of close-knit relationships, which weren’t based on Instagram hashtags and PDA alone.


Couples are tying the knot in simple settings, in intimate ways, that might be socially distant, but not aloof from love, and from well-wishers, family and close friends. 

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“Covid-safe” weddings is not just a hashtag; it means personalised and close-knit guest lists, customised and contact-less food services, fun and frolic, sweet tales that have been part of the love journey, table settings that don’t draw too many people together, and love-soaked bliss without which no wedding is complete. 


The guest list might be small, but hearts filled with love and blessings can never grow old or small. As Shivan Gupta of Amaara Farms states: “In times of Covid, it is essential to stay safe and reduce travel even within the city. A wedding planner always has a number of partners which can be arranged under one roof. This saves you the effort of travelling to vendors in different areas and exposing yourself to the virus.”


Amaara Farms’ Intimate Weddings by Amaara offers four exclusive packages, namely Magnolia, Anvaya, Camellia and Iris. The idea of this venture is to introduce a lush green natural landscape, majestic architecture, spellbinding decor, scrumptious cuisine, best wedding experts, and your nearest and dearest can get together at picture-perfect backdrops for your special day. Along with this, it promises an exceptional collaboration of leading names, like The Wedding Design Company by Vandana Mohan, Kitchen Art by Puneet Sikand, Abhinav Bhagat Events, Artfoto Studios, Shutterdown Photography and many others to bring together a wedding bliss that specifically speaks for you and about you. 


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Covid-safe weddings don’t kill the sparkle of a wedding; rather, they highlight the most beautiful elements of your special day. Intimate weddings bring together families, shared love and joy that holds genuine significance. With social distancing being the buzzword, weddings had to become smaller and more intimate.


Shivan points out that weddings in our country can never be boring, as the idea of entertainment is interwoven in Indian weddings, along with the twinkling of lights, the lip-smacking cuisine, the dance numbers, and the music that sets the tone. At such intimate dos, one enjoys every bit of the evening. 

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Wedding planner Vandana Mohan says: “We are vocal for local and the 3Rs: Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose. It is a mantra that we have been following at The Wedding Design Company and would like to continue doing so, incorporating as much of it as possible. We might go a notch higher, using organic fabrics wherever possible, recycling flowers into fragrances or incense sticks, which can then be gifted. Using edible flowers as part of the food is something that is sustainable yet lovely to look at (or photograph).”

The idea of sustainability with smaller weddings is easier, as a smaller guest list brings on a lot less wastage. Shivan Gupta adds: “At Amaara Farms, constant efforts are made to reduce wastage. Menus are made less elaborate and more meaningful to reduced wastage. It is important to reduce human contact and maintain a certain temperature of the food. The days of snacks being passed around, and everyone having a look and a pick, is no more an ideal scenario. Hence, beautiful areas are devised where an array of individually plated appetisers are displayed. The food is cooked live. This ensures healthy cooking and the right temperature, safe distance between the food area and guests, and minimum wastage. The same approach is carried to desserts as well.”

Dining is of topmost priority at Indian weddings, and no compromise can be made here. Hence, Puneet Sikand says that with a limited guest list, one can exhibit small and beautifully executed menus with attention to finest detail which cannot be done at large gatherings.


One can choose to serve an individual with his preferred menu and also keep in mind his/her personal taste. The Kitchen Art team is curating menus they normally wouldn't for larger gatherings, be it flatbread pizzas as starters with its innovative avatar or potstickers sizzling out on the pan in front of you. Personal choice of trending ramen with exotic garnishes and the ever-popular grilled/pan-seared meats on the plate, such exotic choices are in abundance. Flambé of kunafa wrapped pista halwa with pistachio ice cream to finish are all possible in a comparatively affordable budget.


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The SOPs now include, a conscious attempt to spread out seating; a dining area that ensures the required social distancing; sanitization of all furniture, pre- and post-event. Masks and sanitisers are mandatory right from the entrance. In order to avoid contact while eating food, the Amaara Farms team has devised live stations where food is cooked and handed over to the guest. They have also incorporated gentle reminders of social distancing along with the couple’s messages or hashtags, in an attempt to keep the joy, humour and safety intact, says Shivan Gupta. 


The new, intimate wedding is far from boring, rather it’s a safe twist to your perfectly curated fairy tale, because in the end what matters is love, tappy numbers and the warmth and blessings of close friends and family.

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